I recall being 5; in a half-darkened room, opening the closet. As I was looking at the portrait of my father in the family album my heart began to beat faster. I identified my father in that portrait. Next year, gentle eyes of a photographer glommed on to me, took a photo and I joined that family album. My first acquaintance and tendency towards portrait photography was formed.

Naivety grew to richness. I was looking for seeking a different form of photography. Maybe I could claim that, within these years I was in the pursuit of photography and photography was in pursuit of me. The result of my endeavor through numerous cities, different villages, figures and various shots is collected as a book.

I love portrait photography, but more than that I admire life. All human beings with every way of thinking, with every way of behaving and ethics are of interest for me.


Personal Information


 Born on 1976, Tabriz



1-  “Contemporary cultural, artists and social figures of Azerbaijan. “Nazar Publication - 2016     The book of Contemporary figures of Azerbaijan has been photographed between the years of 2011 -2016 of significant cultural, artistic and social figures of Northwest part of Iran and includes spheres such as music, painting, cinema, theater, radio, television, photography, calligraphy, sculpture, poetry, sociology, medicine, Holy Defense (War between Iran – Iraq), eulogy, advocacy, sport, publishing, social activities, market, politics and type. There is also a narration written for each of these characters. »The book, one of the prominent events of visual arts of 2016, was selected as the Photo of the Year.«

2-  "You won't become Ismail”. Poetry collection, Rhythm publication, 2018

The preface is written by Heydar Abbasi “Barishmaz”; translated into Azerbaijanian Turkish by Hassan  Omudoghlou


Collections of Photo Packs

1- “Contemporary figures of East Azerbaijan”

2- “Contemporary figures of Ardebil Province” 

3- “Contemporary Ashiqs of Azerbaijan”

4-“The selection of Pasha Hadiyan’s works”



1- »Contemporary figures of Iran «; Behrouz Kangarli Gallery; Autonomous Republic of Nakhichevan; May 2017

2-» Contemporary figures of Azerbaijan «; Farda Gallery; Tehran – April 2017

3- » Contemporary figures of Azerbaijan «;Abdolqader cultural complex; Maragheh; February 2017

4- » Contemporary figures of Azerbaijan «;khataei House, Ardebil – February 2016

5- » Contemporary figures of Azerbaijan «;Art gallery; Orumieh – December 2015

6-  » Contemporary figures of Azerbaijan «; 29 Bahman cultural complex; Tabriz – September 2015

7- » Gharibestan«; Cultural and Art Organization of Municipality, Tabriz – 2013

8-» Free«; Youth Cinema, Tabriz- 2007

9-  » A hint and no more « ; Art Gallery of East Azerbaijan province and Iran  Youth Cinema –Tabriz 2006


Movie and Serial photography

·         Misleading, Director: mohammad Taqi Ravandi, Broadcasting Center of Tehran – 2010

·         In the Color of the Snow, Director: Hossein poutsattar , Broadcasting Center of East Azerbaijan -2006

·         End of the Darkness, Director: mohammad Taqi Ravandi, Broadcasting Center of Qom,2005

·         The Rain doesn’t wash dreams away (TV Serial), Director: Asghar yousefi nejad, Broadcasting Center of East Azerbaijan, 2003

·         Briefcase (a short film), Author: Hassan Najafi, Director: Mohammad Sarvi vash, Iran Youth Cinema Association, Tabriz Office – 2001

·         Green Feet (a short film), Director: Ehsan Moqadassi, Youth Cinema Association of Tabriz -2001

·         Red Ring (a Short film), Director: Amir Hossein Ziya, Youth Cinema Association of Tabriz

·         Desert Dream (a Short film), Author: Hassan Najafi, Director: Sediqe Moradzade, Youth Cinema Association of Tabriz - 2000

·         The Letter (a short film), Director: Hassan Najafi, Youth Cinema Association of Tabriz – 1999




  • Statue and Diploma of Honor as the prominent event of visual arts of the year for the Book of Contemporary Figures of Azerbaijan, 13th Festival of the Photo of the Year 2016.
  • Gold Medal of 74th Japan Asahi Shimbun Festival- 2014
  • Selected of the Black & White Portrait Festival of Slovenian- 2010
  • Selected of Dask Dogay Turkey-2010
  • Selected of the Photo of the Year -2015
  • 3rd Place of the 5th National Photo Festival of Firoozeh Tabriz-2015         
  • Selected of 5th National Photo Festival of Firoozeh Tabriz-2015
  • Diploma of Honor and 2nd place of First Tabriz beauties Competition- 2014
  • Special Prize of Khanali Siyami 4th National Photo Festival of Firoozeh Tabriz - 2014
  • Selected of Deldide Photo Festival, An Artistic Memorial of Great Khomeini – 2014
  • The statue of Dr. Mohammad Hossein Mobayyen Green Hearts Photo Festival; Tabriz – 2013
  • Selected of the Photo of the Year Festival
  • Selected of the 4th Photo of the Year of the Camera. Note -2012
  • Selected of the 3rd Women and Urban Life Festival, Tehran – 2012
  • The proud and selected tablet of the environmental portrait of the third Firoozeh Festival in Tabriz – 2010
  • Selected of Ashura Manifestation and Mazandaran Fajr Photo Festival – 2010
  • Third Place of Mourning Photo of Ashura Epic, Tabriz – 2009
  • Selected of the Photo of the Year Festival – 2009
  • Selected of the 6th Nationwide Fajr Photo Festival; Mahshahr Port – 2009
  • Selected of 7th “Ba Ashuraeiyan” Nationwide Photo Festival, Zanjan
  • Selected of 8th Youth Cinema Photo Festival, North Khorasan; Bojnord – 2008
  • Selected of 5th Roshd Photo Festival – 2008
  • Selected of Nationwide Photo Competition for National and Religious Joy Rituals – 2007
  • Selected of 4th Roshd Photo Festival – 2007 
  • Selected of the Travel Photo First Competition – 2007
  • Special Prize Jury, Fajr Nationwide Fajr Photo Festival, Mahshahr Port – 2007
  • Selected of the Iran Annual Festival, Rasht – 2006
  • Appreciated by the Jury of the 3rd Roshd Photo Festival – 2006
  • Selected of the 3rd Ashura Mourning Photo City photography, 2006
  • Selected Photo of Environmental Protection of Tabriz – 2002
  • Appreciated by The Image of Resistance Photo Festival, October 2002
  • Selected of the 3rd Nationwide Congress of Architecture and Urban Development Students of Iran – 2001   
  • Selected of the Comedy of the Picture Competition, Tabriz -2001
  •  Selected Photo of the » Our City is Our House «, Tabriz -2000        
  • Selected by the Jury of » Our City is Our House «, Tabriz -1999