Fatima Ghannadi

I liked to see a woman who sewed clothes for thirty years,so that Ali Salimi[1]could become a composer.She is the one performing "Ayriligh" song [2] for the first time. The song that crossed the boundaries and many singers have reproduced it.

[1]  .Ali Salimi ( Baku - 1922 ).composer, player

  [2] "Ayriligh"  means "Seperation" in Azari language.

Fakhreddin Fakhreddini


Here, on every sound of each shutter, hundreds of prayers are flashing for you.


Hadi Shafaeiyye



  I'm yearning for taking a picture of your visage...


Cartier Bersson

The war is over, and you have to forget aphoto every day, to survive.

Caption : Atila Iskandani(henri-cartier-bresson-near-strasbourg-1945)