Hadi Shafaeiyye

Seventy years ago, Moholy-Nagy had said: “The illiterate of the future will be the person unable to the use of camera.” Hungarian scientist, artist and university professor at the art and Craft School of Bauhaus in Germany, Moholy - Nagy, was a photographer, painter, architect and sculpture. From 1919 to 1933, Bauhaus has been a Centre to train numerous artists and played an important role to unite design and technique. Today is same quoted future.

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Karim Mottaghi


 Before the invention of the camera we could have only painted images of our predecessors. Although the portraits seem to tell us about the resemblance of the people depicted, but they also present some valuable information about the unique characteristics   and attributes of these people.

Information about their lifestyle, dressing, hairstyle and their look. So the goal of portrait photography is not just mere resemblance of the object, but it is about a message on the object.

After the invention of photography, only wealthy people were the ones who, dressed in their best and most fashionable clothes, would pose at the studios and beautiful portraits would be made of them and they decorated their "Hall of Descent" collection for later generations.

Walter Benjamin argues that "the studio portrait decharacterize”. Hadiyan Has beyond the bounds of studio aesthetics and portraits his objects in their everyday environment. The life style of the figures of Azerbaijan is tangible in the photos.

The photographs of this book are two-dimensional statues of the "heroes of Azerbaijani fortress", which was formed with Hadiyan’s diligence and long-standing determination. The photos are not equal to the objects, rather are a metaphor for the quality of influence, output and the sum of the life and the vocation of these characters. It is clear that understanding these metaphors is a matter of spirit and these photos are metaphors narrating special experiences such as forgiveness, sacrifice, chivalry, beautiful and creative mind. How would Azerbaijan be like without these characters?! The celebrities have brought about more sacredness to Azerbaijan and have prospered as well.

Rumin Mohtasham

Some people come and bring mirror and water (luminosity) with themselves. They bring out elegance and then depart. The ones who bloom and dedicate the blossoms in their full freshness to the eternity. These people win other hearts and the history will always owe them. 

The background of a nation relies on the preservation of these figures, because the foundation of a nation is based upon them.

Photography is considered as modern writings that engraves figures on the heart of history and make them eternal. The photographs taken by Mr. Hadiyan are the kind of photos expressing a documentary perception of the whole characteristics of these celebrities. The photos are genuinely eloquent and have reflected the glory of these figures more blazingly.

Gholamhossein Farnoud

Study of Photograph

Often, portraits can be quickly perceived and scrutinized by watching, and praised by one or two exclamation. They often have a layer that is more or less the same as common sense, and most of us are the audience who know their lasting identity. 

A common meaning is undoubtedly a cliché, and often is put into a more or less technically beautiful  dimension. Re-watching these portraits is desirable just as a matter of urgent reference.

This knowledge reduces neither their magnitude nor their significance. To wrap it up in one single sentence, all of us are able to create these portraits.

There are few portraits in our province, or more limitedly in our city, which can’t be put aside quickly after being praised with some exclamations.  Of course you can guess that this small number of layers that have multiple meanings. The spectator of these portraits continues to watch unconsciously and without previous intentions, and if he has to stop watching and put them aside, he promises to come back again more patiently and more eagerly to discover more meaning and getting more pleasure.

 The word “studying” determines the difference between watching with one layer for just one time and watching with multi-layers for several times.  Although the term of photo studying or portrait studying is not so much common in photography literature, and most of us are not interested in studying of the image, we have to not feel unsatisfied with the usage of this term due to the increasing number of works which can be studied in the field of photography. Because in this field we deal with works of art that unwittingly become internal in the history.

If we deal with a set of portraits under a conceptual title, we will complain that the concept is just one layer and the sense is multi-layers. The concept is technique and the sense is art. I enjoyed studying Hadiyan’s book.

Gholamhossein Farnoud

Saeid Jalali

Finally, Hadiyan is done with his project! If a child had been born at the time when this project began, he or she would be a seven years old schoolchild now.

Finally, his pleasant insistence blossomed and now it’s the time for unveiling his work.

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